4 Reasons You Are Not Able to Get Rid of Cough and Natural treatment that works

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When you’re sick or your lungs have become irritated, your body reacts by coughing. This is your body’s defense mechanism to clear out any mucus, allergens, or pollutants so that you don’t keep breathing it in. Coughing is usually nothing to be concerned about. When a cough is a symptom of a cold, it tends to clear up on its own within two or three weeks.

A lingering cough or a chronic cough not brought on by a recent cold can be an indicator of a more serious condition. Coughs that last longer than eight weeks for adults, or four weeks in children, are considered chronic.

Keep reading to find out what it could mean when you have a cough that won’t go away.

  • How long do coughs last?

    The duration of a cough can vary significantly, but longer coughs may be more common than you realize. A cough can clear up in as little as two or three days, but one study found that, on average, a cough due to illness sticks around for 18 days. Conditions like chronic lung disease or asthma can increase the average duration of a cough symptom. A cough can be the last symptom to resolve when you’re recovering from a cold or flu.

    Causes of a lingering cough

    Certain types of coughs, like the ones that result from bronchitis or respiratory infections, can linger longer than the coughing you may experience with the common cold. Some other causes of an ongoing cough include:

    • Chronic allergies, hyperactive gag reflex, and acid reflux can create a prolonged irritation in your throat and cause an ongoing cough.
    • Certain types of medications,especially blood pressure drugs, carry a side effect of coughing.
    • Risk factors like smoking and genetic conditions can make you more likely to develop chronic bronchitis, which can lead to chronic coughing.
    • Undiagnosed asthma or other lung disease can cause a chronic cough

     Natural remedy for cough:

Sometimes cough may be persistent and chronic especially when the bacteria becomes resistant to the modern antibiotics,but Cough Extract is a powerful natural remedy for cough that remedies chronic,persistent  and new infections and it begins to work effectively in a few days

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